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The most important thing that can be learned from historical Israel’s example is that God cannot be mocked. Sin is not a light matter and it will be punished. We cannot claim to be his people and then do whatever we want, expecting God to ignore our behavior. We may get away with that with earthly parents but God is not human and he has no faults. Making a living sacrifice means that we daily, continually surrender to God, letting Him love us beyond salvation from hell.

When my son was younger, he thought that at the moment you accepted Christ, God would immediately take you to heaven. After I explained how it worked, he accepted Christ with joy. I had only heard of people not wanting to give up sin but he didn’t want to give up being with his family. Well no son, there’s a life here that still has purpose to be fulfilled there’s more than just salvation from hell and God means for you to benefit from it and God works through Christians to add something to the lives of others, to reach even more people for Christ.

Give God you. Be tender-hearted, broken, vulnerable, humble. Don’t be afraid. Faith takes stepping out on what you know about him and being sure of his existence even though you haven’t seen him with your physical eyes. You will see him with your heart when you know him, when you experience what the Scripture describes.

He is worthy of our trust. Ignorant arrogance says that we can do life on our own. This is madness. It’s definitely a lack of understanding. Stop. God wants closeness. He wants appreciation and he wants to bless. Don’t think you’re entitled though. God owes us nothing. God is loving and kind and we are needy. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us but he didn’t die so that we could ignore him and sin without consequence. Being a part of God’s family is a big deal. Don’t take this experience for granted. Love God with your trust and obedience. Truly appreciate him.