As mentioned in Scripture, the Israelites desired to be like the nations around them and came to worship their gods, the Baals and Asherah, also called the Queen of Heaven. This consort of Baal was worshipped as Asherah, Astarte, Artemis, Athena, Isis, Gaia, Nana, Austron, Ostara, Eastre, Easter, Aphrodite, Eostre, Astoreth, Ishtar, Diana, Ninurta, Cres, Nut, Venus, Indrani, Devaki, Tanit, and others.

Remember that the false gods Israel worshipped came from the nations that surrounded them, so if Israel can be punished for the worship of false gods so can the other natons which tempt her to go astray. And likewise, if the nations can be turned to repent and follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then so can Israel. And Israel will be returning as the prodigal son much celebrated.

Not all of Israel worships false gods and in the same way not all America or other nations worships false gods but so many people do and so there is misunderstanding, a lack of knowledge and still punishment for sin. Believers live among unbelievers and struggle against evil daily. May God bless us to be a godly influence in Christ Jesus the Messiah. May we continue to cofess our sins and humbly submit to Christ as we are being conformed to his likeness. And as the world sits in judgment of Israel which is defending herself, may it remember that the same measure used to judge Israel will be used to judge the world.

Hamas is a known terrorist organization which has no problem shedding innocent blood to get its way. It currently forces martyrdom onto the Palestinians by using the people as human shields and is stockpiling weapons in childrens schools. Using the basic rulles of warfare, Hamas and any other terrorist group is legally responsible for the deaths they cause. Israel is exercising her right to defend herself, however, she isn’t getting the support of the nations because right and wrong have shifted for the sake of politics and misguided emotions. You can see it all over broadcast through our Liberal media outlets. The idea that guns are unneccesary because self defense is no longer a right in a modern society. This is not right and it’s preparation for something devastating. It’s coming and the same measure by which we judge what good people do is the same measure by which bad will be judged. Politics are no excuse.