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About two years ago a little two year old girl we knew, whom my daughter would occasionally babysit with one of her best friends, drowned in the family’s pool. It was heartbreaking for the whole family and friends to have to bury such a tiny, sweet soul so early. The mother was home alone with her and didn’t know CPR. By the time the ambulance came, Serena was gone. With the warmer weather and so many children being out of school this time of year, we have to pay close attention when our little ones are going to be active in water sports and play among other things which may present especially dangerous situations. Please regard all near drowning experiences as serious. They can still lead to secondary drownings which can catch many off guard. Check with community centers and with your church to see if they offer CPR certiication. It’s a good thing to know. Another important thing to know is that a drowning victim while in the throws of dying will appear to be responding to CPR, however, the person could still be dying. Check for body contortion, for example the hands will fold inward at the wrists and the arms may be drawn inward towards the chest. Movement does not necessarily mean that all is well. Some really good footage on real life rescues can be found on YouTube to give an illustration of what to look for and expect. The following are some examples and then we’ve included an article on secondary drowning. Be safe.