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Mojave Narrows, Victorville, CA


You don’t learn the truth by giving into a lie. When tempted, rely on the truth of God’s Word and ask yourself, what has God already told you to do? Avoid the sin. Temptation will come. You will think you can trust yourself to be able to figure out what’s so wrong with doing something wrong by doing something wrong but that’s just foolishness. If God said not to do something, it will be written in his word. He even tells us what is right for us to do. Part of resting in him is trusting in his word, in his trustworthiness, in his ability to know what’s best and in the truthfulness and the honesty of his love for us personally, individually. You can trust him to choose for you and to guide you in the way that you should go. You will learn too late that knowing the truth doesn’t come from doing wrong but from experiencing trust and obedience. Adam and Eve, who had once lived perfect lives in an perfect environment with the best of influences in knowing the constant companionship of the Creator, sinned and became experienced in disobedience, failure, disappointment, lose, devastation and the suffering of sin’s consequences. Stop sinning today. Don’t try to cover it up. Know the truth by living it and following Christ.