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I don’t even know if it is true that there are flitration systems that can remove fluoride from our drinking but there are companies willing to falsely claim to have the ability to do so. Filter systems that are attached easily to your water faucet or placed in a pitcher of water do not remove the tiny molecules but the type you put in your refrigerator may and definitely those that specifically target the additive. Click on the sites below to get more information.





dave.lister@web.de wrote the following on http://molecularstation.com/forum/chemistry-forum/43935-does-distillation-remove-fluoride-water.html

“This ‘creative chemistry’ has trouble with the periodic table too…
halogen is halide… and As is astatine he thinks… so much for him
being an ‘expert’ in the area. He was probably drunk and forgot about
setting up this page in the morning. It is total BS that HF should be
more reactive than HCl. HCl is the much stronger acid. HF dissolves
glass, which might suggest that is devilish stuff, but that’s the only
aspect where it does something that can’t be done by other HX. The
acidity of HX follows exactly the opposite trend of the reactivity of
the halogens. This is something the author is totally oblivious to.

“Furthemore i am not convinced that F- will be removed from the water
thru distillation, since HF is as opposed to other HX acid not a
strong acid. This means that some of HF will be present in the water
as well. HF/H2O ‘complexes’ or ‘clusters’ are well known because of
the tendencies of both materials to form strong H-bridges (hence the
high boiling points compared to the higher homologes H2S and HCl). So
distillation might very well shift the F- + H2O <-> HF + OH- or H3O+
+ F- <-> HF + H2O equilibrium to the right side due to the constant
removal of HF through the distillation process.

“The ion exchanger as suggested further up in this thread seems the
best solution IF you want to remove the fluorine.
Just keep in mind that about every water purifying system integrated
in yer potable water installation is a possible time bomb since it
removes all the additives which make sure a biological contamination
(e.coli, legionella) cannot take place. The water staying in the pipes
behind the water purifier will be a playground for microorganisms.
Immediate ‘danger’ will be avoided by letting the tap run a while
every morning. But it can happen that the colonies will stick to the
walls of yer tubing, in fittings etc. and stay there.

“This problem is not too serious if you are healthy with a decent
immune system, just reconsider the need to remove Fluorine because of
one moron’s amateur chemistry page with more errors that dubya’s
economic strategies.”

From what I’ve been reading so far it is very cofusing to everybody but the people who ‘know’ chemistry. Ok now I want to know if anyone knows what we can do to counteract the effects of consuming fluoride and chloride or chlorine.