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Christian, don’t pay more attention to the behavior of the unsaved than you do to the saved. We know God’s commands and we ought to know his will. If we don’t listen to him once we have confessed our faith in him, we will be the main cause of his blessing of provision and protection being removed from over us. We must repent. We must honor marriage. We must abstain from sexual immorality. We must hold to his teaching, his truth as he has revealed truth to us. We must clean house when it comes to those who claim to be apart of the kingdom. The unsaved will act as the unsaved do. They are godless and have not chosen to follow Christ. We cannot expect them to do what we know cannot be done without the grace and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God. We are not making Christ attractive by demanding that unbelievers respect a God and Savior whom they don’t know. We know him though and it’s our duty to display him in these broken vessels. Let us glorify the King and he will draw them.