Dr. K.P. Yohannan, One Man’s Journey to Change a Generation

See how God moves freely and swiftly as His gospel goes out to save the lost through grace. The Scripture says that those who lie lie to those they hate. God loves a contrite heart. A broken and repentant heart he will not turn away. Anyone who comes to God out of repentance and a godly sorrow over his sin, who wants God to save him will be saved no matter what color, race, social/poltical or class status. God does not show favortism. If you come seeking forgiveness, he will save. God give the seeker rest from his struggle to try to save himself. Man cannot save himself, though he will try but God does not compare us to others but to himself and we cannot reach that standard. We miss the mark. Sin is an term used in archery meaning to miss the mark. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and there would be no way if God did not decide to rescue us from our dilema. A man’s blood must be shed for the forgiveness of the sin of mankind. Innocent, untainted, righteous blood of a man must pay the debt owed by man. God in his wisdom chose to send his Son, his Word to be born into the person of Jesus, the Savior, God With Us, the God Man, the Word of God Incarnate to do what no other man could ever do. There is no other Christ nor is there any other way. To reject God’s free gift would be to accept damnation. We cannot stay quiet about something so great. That would be hatred.