Watching Dr. Missler on YouTube is better since you really have to follow along with the presentations he makes but this broadcast can be paused. Charles “Chuck” Missler is an author, evangelical Christian, Bible teacher, engineer, and former businessman. He is the founder of the Koinonia House ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

As anyone can make mistakes, we at Our King Share are not stating that we agree with everything Chuck Missler says and does but do support his overall work in ministering to and informing the saints. The following site is where Chuck’s online messages can be found among the boards of many others. We suggest that everyone employ the good habits of the Bereans who examined the Scriptures daily, for themselves as they listened to the Word being preached.

The Christian Satellite Network is also a good place to which to go for resources and preaching.

Looking over information about Chuck Missler, I noticed that there were some negative things said about him in the press and I thought to address what seemed to be the most pressing. There was some controversy about plagiarism concerning a portion that Missler and co-author Hal Lindsey had used from Professor Edwin Yamauchi’s book Foes From the Northern Frontier, 1982. The book in question was The Magog Factor, 1992. The “mistake” has since been acknowledged, shipments of their book was discontinued and proceeds from sells were donated. A copy of the letter sent out is available for review at the following link.

For more background on Magog visit:

The second discrepancy was regarding a book Chuck penned called Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity and a book written by New Age writer Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe, 1992. Again Chuck used some of Michael Talbot material in his book. Missler has since acknowledged this mistake and has also publicly apologized and said a correction will be inserted in all unsold copies and the book itself updated in subsequent printings. Missler donated all of the author’s proceeds from the book to a ministry.  There is no new information or any new words which have never been used by anyone on earth before. All information is shared and regurgitated. I can’t claim ownership of the words I use and I will do my best to give credit where credit is due but I know what Chuck’s intents were I cannot say what he meant to do by including the contents of those books in the contents of his.

Another view of who Magog may be.