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mere-christianity After reviewing a suggested app that appeared in my email this week, which advertised the sale of individual books in a collection of John Steinbeck books, I thought that I might make a suggestion of my own for the Christian reader. Although Steinbeck is a rather renown and noted American, Nobel Prize winning author with a lot to say about life in the western United States and especially post-WWI California, Steinbeck was no Christian. Having come from an episcopal church background, Steinbeck as an adult became an agnostic and consequences his views show in his work. Now I myself read a wide range of historical books and I will say that his works are useful for historical study into California’s and American society’s past during an interesting time period from which many writers have created fascinating stories of adventure and much travailing in the forging of new lives in new lands.

thegrapesofwrathAlthough The Grapes of Wrath, for example, is a profound, realist novel, I would not recommend taking to heart his views on God and faith over another writer who happened to be Christian if it came down to advising a young reader who was wanting to gain a more informed perspective on the root of all social issues. At the most, someone like Steinbeck could offer a view into what agnostics were thinking or what could have caused some Christians to turn to agnostic beliefs.

I feel for the confused and the down-trodden but I couldn’t honestly say that while passing on lies for truth. Social problems have roots which grow from sin just like every other problem in life. Not listening to God causes problems. Not respecting others causes problems. Social problems come from personal choices against obedience to God and respect for others. There’s not a lot of confusion when you get down to the basics.

cslewisquotes Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. –C. S. Lewis

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