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book An excerpt: The World’s Greatest Surprise

“Mary Magdalene was a woman who was loyal to Christ to the end. He had exorcised seven demons from her, and from that moment on she followed him gratefully and wholeheartedly. She supported his ministry financially and believed he was the one whom God has chosen to bring eternal peace to the world. She had stayed beneath the cross and witnessed the unjust and cruel execution of her master, and now her life was in utter turmoil. She was one of Jesus’ most devoted followers, and seeing him disgraced brought her tremendous anguish.

“After the Roman soldiers determined that Jesus was dead, they took him down from the cross and gave his body to a wealthy Jewish official to be buried in a new tomb. Mary left the dismal scene determined to visit his tomb after the burial was completed. Early Sunday morning she went to the tomb, and there she experienced another setback. Not only had Jesus been unjustly killed, but also to her alarm, the tomb was open and his body was gone. Fearing that someone has stolen the body, she ran to Peter and John, two of Jesus’ disciples, telling them what she had seen. In utter disbelief, the two men quickly ran to the tomb to check out her story for themselves.

“When they arrived, they saw the collapsed shell of the graveclothes still intact, but the body was nowhere to be found. Frightened and confused, the two disciples returned home. But Mary lingered behind. She peered back in the tomb for one last look, and what she saw startled her: two men, robed in bright white, sat inside the tomb…”

This book by Josh McDowell is available in many forms for purchase through a number of online book sells sites. Josh and his son, Sean have written more than a few books together and separately. Their writing style is engaging and informative, encouraging deep personal exploration of the Biblical text. My daughter purchased an ebook copy of The Unshakable Truth by the two men and downloaded it onto the Samsung Galaxy 7.0″ tablet she also got me for my last birthday. I enjoy being able to listen to the audible rendering as my Galaxy reads aloud to me while I takes walks in the park in the early evening with my children. The words of the McDowells touch my heart as they tell what they’ve gathered from any particular Scripture passage. I feel like I’m conversing with close friends about wonderful things we’ve come to know about our Savior. Thank you Josh and Sean for encouraging so many to mediate on God’s word. Blessings to you and your families.