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We agree whole heartedly!

Everything Matt says in this review is correct and on target and we Christians need to realize that we don’t serve a weak God who desires to deceive people. We serve a God who commands us to be salt and light. We serve a Mighty God who gives us the weapons of spiritual warfare, not so that we can sit idly by, in comfort, emotionally, physically chasing after what the world considers to be of value but to engage the enemy with what God has equipped us, namely the truth mixed with love. We need to defend our faith but first we must know what it is exactly that we believe. Thank you Matt and others who speak intelligently concerning the accurate portrayal of our Christian faith. God didn’t raise us to be cowards. Defend the faith.

Noah is a major Hollywood blockbuster, made by an atheist director best known for his previous flick where a mentally disturbed lesbian ballerina goes insane and bleeds to death on stage. Already, a critical person might be slightly concerned about his handling of the Bible, considering what he just did to the ballet.

If you’d like to read the original article of the review, the link is below.