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Article By: Ana

As I was going through my dashboard on my Tumblr, one of the GIFs (which is below) is from He’s Just Not That Into You, pretty much telling the main character that when a guy treats you like crap it’s because he doesn’t like you and I instantly thought – “Guys mean what they say and they do what they mean…It’s up to girls to catch it and leave.”


Girls need to stay home longer, get their school done, get a career, work on their brains before getting out there and definitely before dating because when you don’t know how to catch things when people give you clear warnings that they are going to hurt you then obviously what you’re doing with your brain isn’t working.

Get to know yourself as just you before you only know yourself as “his” girlfriend. Learn how to be okay with being alone, find what you like about yourself that isn’t shallow and sacrificial, find hobbies that you like to do, build a stronger relationship with God, et cetera.

I am learning things from my mother without having to go out there and get my heart broken so many times that I’m used to guys hurting me to the point where I just let it happen and then complain about it later, wondering why my life is hard. I don’t want to be put into the same category as most girls, I want to be different, I want to be known as my own person that has a strong faith in God instead of getting looked at and they wonder if I think beyond just having a boyfriend or getting married.

Okay, you can go on with your lives now, thanks for readingif you read all of this.