John 11:14″…So then he told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead, 15and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him.”

Lazarus was loved by Jesus but what made the difference in their friendship was that Lazarus believed and trusted in Jesus. Lazarus responded to the love of Jesus. He recognized and then acknowledged the Messiah’s love for himself personally. Jesus did not come to right the social or political wrongs of the world. He came to do the best thing for us. And the best and highest good is to offer us spiritual salvation that he himself made possible and complete and completely free. Free not cheap. He did not just offer eternal life but he fulfills the offer. There’s no false advertising. He who created us has also created a place for us.

Jesus is God and he is able to raise the dead because he has conquered death and separation from God. Salvation is better than a better world simply because we die and when we die, our spirits live on forever and our spirits are destined to spend eternity in one of two places. Either we have chosen to live eternally, spiritually with the Creator of our spirits or we have chosen not to trust in Him and want to live eternally, spiritually apart from the Creator of all things good. If we choose to admit our need beyond a quick fix of our present life and its circumstances, if we choose to receive forgiveness from the One who judges our souls and trust Him in as much as he has already paid the debt owed by the whole world, we believe in Him for salvation and He will not turn us away.

Loving the undeserving is God’s way. And we are so undeserving if love was something which one had to earn and we know through God that love is not earned. God is our rescuer. He considers us in our desperate, contrite state and offers us what we really need. Nothing else illustrates love better than what Jesus came to do. He did not leave us with kind words or with a do-it-yourself life improvement guide nor did he lead us to someone else. He came and completed the work it took to make salvation possible. God himself came down and shared our humanity and did what no one else could do and now we have the best solution to ALL our problems.

We do not live forever in these bodies and in this fallen world but we can live forever in what’s better and without sin. What we need is met in God. The void that we experience was created in us for a purpose much like that of a homing device. Our yearning to be intimately known sends us searching outside ourselves. We have been created to communicate and to receive communication and even creation speaks of a Creator. We are created to comprehend and we understand that compared to God’s standard, we have missed the mark and so we seek salvation and renewal.

The Law found in the Scripture is a mirror that shows us what is expected and what is not acceptable. It illuminates our need for God’s salvation because there is no way that we can save ourselves. We cannot live the Law in order to improve our lives. We are born of sinners and have the seed of man in us. Our sin is only evidence of our nature. We all have earthly fathers and original sin. We are truly desperate and wretched. Thank God that God had compassion on us and came down and incarnated himself in the baby he created and was born in the man Jesus. He was born of a woman and not of man’s seed. Here is the importance of the virgin conception birth. Jesus was the perfect sacrificial lamb of God. He did not sin nor was he born of man with original sin. Nothing is impossible for God. Sinless blood was shed to save man’s spirit from the death of separation from God in keeping with the promise God made to the first sinners. When you reflect on what Good Friday means, remember that God makes no mistakes and that only he did what it took to save us. There is no other. Regardless what man’s opinions and imaginations may invent, God who sees all, knows all and is all-powerful never said there was, is or will be another way. Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins and without faith in His Son, there is no salvation from condemnation of the spirit and the corruption of sin.
Remember Him and share.