2003iraqpicfakedforsyriaHave you ever thought, while we reflect and celebrate the sacrifice of our Savior, that Jesus died for ALL the sins of the world. He died to pay for your sins and he also paid for the sins of those who have wronged you. Everything that others have done to hurt you has been accounted for by the blood of Jesus. Their punishment was put on Jesus and so you don’t need to hold onto unforgiveness and you can let go of that need you feel to avenge yourself and so the same is applied to you. Jesus has suffered your punishment for what you have done to others. His forgiveness is complete and so ought yours to be. God bless.

He even died for those who crucified him. He took their punishment. Vengeance is truly God’s. No longer say, “but someone has to pay” cause Jesus did and he paid the ultimate price and we are all set free of having to be held accountable and bond to our mistakes. There is no need for punishment or revenge unless one chooses not to be forgiven by the One who saves.