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Article by: Ana

Last night I went to see The 100 Years of Magic show, Disney On Ice.


The show was pretty spectacular. Both the children and adults were involved.


I being a photo and video taking junkie, I took as many pictures and videos as I could before my iPod Touch would die from lack of battery juice from the night.


This being my first Disney On Ice event, I really enjoyed the whole show. The ice skaters were on point and the costumes were adorable.


I loved that they had almost all of the Disney princesses, I am a big fan of all of them and especially of Minnie Mouse, she is my favorite female Disney character.


I was more excited to see Buzz, Woody and Jessie than all the children in the arena. I grew up watching Toy Story. My family has all of the movies.


The Incredibles part was something adults would understand more than the children.


They had a huge selection of merchandise to choose between, from Minnie Mouse ears to light up cups. The food is also tasty, they had pizza, nachos, quesadillas, hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn. They most likely had more types of food but I did not see everything.


I am amazed and I recommend Disney On Ice, take your child(ren), go for a date or just with friends. Never matters about age at Disney events. Just sit back and relax because you will want to go again.